FAQ – Frequently asked questions

You can place an order via

E-Mail: orders(at)reliatech.de

Internet: www.reliatech.de

Fax: +49 (0)5331-8586 989

To process your order as fast as possible we need the following specifications:

  • Name of institution
  • Delivery address
  • Invoice address
  • VAT/Tax number (for orders from EU)
  • Phone number of a contact person for the carrier
  • Product code (Catalog number)
  • Quantity and package size of each product

Most of our products will be delivered within 2 to 3 days. With your order confirmation you will receive the delivery date.

Shipments for customers within Germany are free of charge. Shipping prices for shipments outside Germany are only on request. Prices for special shipments which have to be cooled by ice or dry ice are also on request.

We work with UPS as our shipping courier within Europe. For the rest of the world we may also use FedEx as shipping courier. Customers who may want to use their own forwarding company must inform us in written form.

You can pay via wire bank transfer. The payment terms are 14 days 2% or net 30 days. Please note: we do not accept credit cards.

All data sheets are available for download as PDF on our website www.reliatech.de. These sheets include instructions for reconstitution, specific activity, stability, storage and use.