ReliaTech's services for you

Besides our reagent trading services we also offer contract work. Our solutions comprise services from protein and antibody production up to reagent formulation according to your requirements.

Our protein production services are based on a flexible, modular system allowing individual choices of several service options depending on your specific needs. The second branch of our contract works addresses the requirements of post-protein production: our reagent service enables you to design your own reagent formulation.

Production of recombinant proteins in E. coli

The service for the "E. coli Expression System" is built up modular allowing the steps you actually need. These services are designed to cover all your needs including gene cloning into the appropriate E. coli expression vector, screening for recombinant clones up to recombinant protein production as well as protein purification. All steps are made in defined "animal free" medium.

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Production of recombinant proteins in insect cells

The Baculovirus-insect cell expression system allows the high yield production of recombinant proteins in the eukaryotic environment. Because of this eukaryotic environment the system provides - in comparison with prokaryotic systems - additional intrinsic tools and mechanisms accompanying the intra-cellular construction of the proteins. These mechanisms comprise for example the cleavage of the signal peptide, the building of disulfide bridges as well as other post-translational modifications. Thus, a sufficient context for simulation of native protein production is provided within the insect cell expression system which - in some cases - even might be the decisive factor when it comes to investigation of a protein's functional features. In analogy to our protein expression services in E. coli our "Baculovirus Expression System" is build up "modular".

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IXpress & Antibody

Our new service IXpress & antibody comprises a full-service option: the complete generation of a polyclonal antibody in rabbits directed against a native antigen of your interest is bundled in this package.

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Reagent services: special formulations

Your protein of interest is in our portfolio but you would prefer a buffer containing stabilizer? Our reagent service enables you to design your own reagent formulation. Choose your own buffers, additives and/or stabilizers!

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