Reagent services

You need our reagents

  • in a larger amount?
  • with or without special carrier proteins?
  • differing vial sizes?

For some experimental settings it is absolutely necessary to have a certain compound in a special presentation or size:

  • a recombinant protein used in a iodination or biotinylation reaction, for example, may not contain carrier protein
  • or you need protein fillings already fitting to injection volumes in animal models
  • you prefer your proteins in different formulations to support the effectiveness of your respective experimental procedures.

For your different experimental settings, pre-clinical trails or for animal testings within your research projects ReliaTech offers all necessary product design options to make products suitable for your research purposes, especially

  • fillings of individually defined amounts of protein per vial
  • product stabilization with carrier protein (e.g. bovine, human, mouse or rat serum albumin)
  • choice of individual presentation forms (e.g. liquid, lyophilized, freeze-dried)

ReliaTech's reagent service will enable you to fit reagents into the requirements of your specific experimental settings. We are looking forward to assist you finding individual solutions for you. For further information, please, inquire!