Biology is our passion -
Trade is our business

- and the fusion of both continuously influences ReliaTech's "whereabouts" - our history, our striving for and maintenance of high quality products, our standards in the service for our customers and our company's philosophy. Even ReliaTech's logo is dedicated to our affiliation for biological sciences.
We invite you to get further acquainted with us starting with the history of our company.

Our company - a brief overview

ReliaTech GmbH (short for Receptor Ligand Technologies GmbH) is a post-genomic German biotechnology company founded in 1999. Besides other research products the company develops, produces and sells high quality research reagents for angiogenic and lymphangiogenic research.

As a company with own in-house reagent production ReliaTech GmbH also offers solutions for customer specific reagent production. Our profound experiences in protein purification and our practical knowledge in daily laboratory business also flow into our customer based projects - making us a competent partner for projects requiring individual production solutions.

We are proud of and therefore like to emphasize our strong expert knowledge conveyed and promoted by advising experts still active in these research fields (for further information browse also our history, please).

Short and reliable communication as well as fast reagent supply efficiently support our business.

Our History - Biology is our passion


The idea of ReliaTech was born and realized in 1999: Dr. Herbert Weich from the Helmholtz-Centre of Infection Research in Braunschweig- at that time GBF (German Research Centre for Biotechnology) - wanted to implement his long tempting idea: to put his expert knowledge in the field of growth factors and angiogenesis into the service of an improved supply of high-quality and reliable reagents for the research community.

Together with Dr. Bernhard Barleon who worked at the Clinic for Tumor Biology in Freiburg, Germany, at that time and Prof. Avner Yayon from the Weizman Institute of Science (WIS) in Israel he founded ReliaTech GmbH (short for Receptor Ligand Technologies GmbH).

Receptor - ligand interactions: A central point in biological regulation now and then, making both - receptors and ligands - natural targets for researcher's interests.

The founders' aim: The company should become a supportive tool in the research chain by providing high-quality cost-effective reagents and research tools for the research community. The effective column of the business, however, should become the in-house production - enabling ReliaTech to offer individual solutions for individual needs.


The launch of the company's first product - ReliaTech's anti-human soluble Flt-1 ELISA - marks the successful entry into ReliaTech's operating business.

Since then the company has undergone a continuous growth and development process leading into a growing portfolio of reagent offerings and sophisticated reagent development services for our customers.


In 2007 Dr. Volker Jäger from Helmholtz-Centre of Infection Research joins ReliaTech as additional stockholder and scientific advisor.


2009 is the year of an exciting developmental milestone of ReliaTech: The company's standing as established biotech company requires new surroundings and more space. ReliaTech moves from Braunschweig to the near-by city of Wolfenbüttel. The well-equipped new premises meet all demands of reagent production for our ambitious international clientele.

In the meantime customers from research institutions up to industrial customers appreciate the flexible, scientific knowledge based services and product offerings of ReliaTech GmbH.


Since our foundation we continuously work on the performance for our customers. With this goal and plenty of strategic measures implemented, we underwent our first certification process.

In February 2013 DQS – one of Germany's most experienced certification companies and member in the internationally well-respected IQNet Association – grants the ISO9001:2008 certificate to ReliaTech.


We continued to keep up our standards: In February 2016 - earlier than stipulated - we managed to gain the recertification, now, under the ISO9001:2015 norm.


We maintain these quality management standards and were recertified according to the norm ISO9001:2015 in February 2019.


The year 2024 began with a change in management. Dr. Bernhard Barleon, who played a key role in shaping ReliaTech's fortunes for over 20 years, has taken his well-deserved retirement and will remain with ReliaTech as a scientific advisor and shareholder. Dr. Markus Heine took over the management of the company on 01.01.2024.

Dr. Markus Heine most recently worked as a project manager at Fraunhofer ITEM and brings a wealth of expertise in cell culture technology and process optimization. He will use his know-how, energy and motivation for the growth of ReliaTech and will offer all customers the best service.

Our standards - Trade is our Business

We deal with experts in their respective research fields day by day. Scientists and researchers who want to push their projects one step further every day need a reliable and competent partner for their reagent supply. In line with this simple fact we follow the rules of good trade and base our work for you on an evenly simple but effective set of standards:

We competently and promptly advise our customers by using our in-house expertise. If needed we further support our knowledge by a network of experts on varying scientific fields. Our know-how is based on a long-term personal experience and the close collaboration with partners from science. These arrangements allow us to offer a broad, sometimes unique, but always finely selected range of products, e.g. in the fields of angiogenesis/lymph angiogenesis.

We stand for a trustful, open and honest cooperation. Our customers can expect from us speed, flexibility and reliability to support their work. We listen to them carefully and find individual solutions for individual problems.

We are interested in smooth processes and useful product offerings. To achieve this goal we keep contact to our customers, we actively care to keep in line with actual demands in trade and science. By this we seek today what is needed tomorrow.

Our customer relationship is founded on trust, respect and honesty. An open dialogue, engaged at the same level, is important for us.

Our Logo

The work with receptors and their ligands is the core of our company's history: it influences and inspires our scientific interests, our daily business and our motivation for development. Accordingly, our company logo reflects our affiliation with this most prominent pairing in science:

ReliaTech’s logo represents the interaction of a homodimeric growth factor molecule in an anti-parallel orientation with the extracellular domain of a heterodimeric receptor tyrosine kinase from bird's eye view.