Human TPO

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Size10 µg
Price135 €
SourceE. coli
Purity Confirmation> 98% by SDS-PAGE
Length [aa]Q9JLZ8
Molecular Weight18.6 kDa
Biological ActivityThe ED50 as determined by the dose-dependant stimulation of MO7e cells is < 1 ng/ml (1x106 units/mg).
Species ReactivityHuman
SynonymsTNF; DIF; TNFA; TNFSF2; TNF-alpha
DescriptionTPO is a lineage specific growth factor, produced in the liver, kidney and skeletal muscle. It stimulates the proliferation and maturation of megakaryocytes, and promotes increased circulating levels of platelets in vivo. TPO signals through the c-mpl receptor and acts as an important regulator of circulating platelets. Human and murine TPO exhibits cross-species reactivity. Recombinant human TPO is a fully biologically active 174 amino acid polypeptide (18.6 kDa), which contains the erythropoietin-like domain of the full length TPO protein.
Protein Sequenceaa1 to aa116
Uniprot IDP40225
Protein RefSeqNP_000451.1
mRNA RefSeqNM_000460.2

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