Bovine Lactogen, placental

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Size50 µg
Price195 €
CategoryCytokines & Growth Factors
SourceE. coli
Species ReactivityBovine
Purity Confirmation> 98.0% as determined by Gel filtration and SDS-PAGE gel.
Length [aa]199
Molecular Weight23.0 kDa
N Terminal SequenceAEDYAP
ReconstitutionIt is recommended to reconstitute the lyophilized bovine recombinant placental lactogen in sterile water or 0.4% NaHCO3 adjusted tp pH 8-9, not less than 100µg/ml, which can then be further diluted to other aqueous solutions, preferably in presence of carrier protein.
SynonymsChorionic somatomammotropin hormone 1, BPLP-I, Placental lactogen I
DescriptionBovine recombinant placental lactogen, one polypeptide chain containing 164 amino and an additional Ala at N-terminus acids and having a molecular mass of ~ 23 kDa, was purified by proprietary chromatographic techniques . Bovine recombinant placental lactogen is also capable of activating human and other heterologous growth hormone receptors but not ruminant GH receptors.
Uniprot IDP09611
Protein RefSeqAAA30739.1
mRNA RefSeqM33268.1

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