Bovine Growth Hormone

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Size100 µg
Price210 €
CategoryCytokines & Growth Factors
SourceE. coli
Species ReactivityBovine
Purity Confirmation> 98.0% as determined by RP-HPLC, Gel filtration and SDS-PAGE Silver Stained gel.
Length [aa]191
Molecular Weight21.8 kDa
N Terminal SequenceAFPAM
ReconstitutionIt is recommended to reconstitute the lyophilized recombinant bovine growth hormone in 0.4% NaHCO3 or water adjusted to pH 9, not less than 100µg recombinant bovine growth hormone per ml, which can then be further diluted to other aqueous solutions, preferably in a presence of a carrier protein such as BSA or similar.
SynonymsSomatotropin, GH, GH-N, Growth Hormone 1, Pituitary growth hormone
DescriptionPlays an important role in growth control. Its major role in stimulating body growth is to stimulate the liver and other tissues to secrete IGF-1. It stimulates both the differentiation and proliferation of myoblasts. It also stimulates amino acid uptake and protein synthesis in muscle and other tissues.
Uniprot IDP01246
Protein RefSeqNP_851339.1
mRNA RefSeqNM_180996.1

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