Rat Anti-Mouse TNFSF13B beta

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Size100 µg
Price380 €
CategoryMonoclonal Antibody
Clone Nr.(#2J39)
ReconstitutionCentrifuge vial prior to opening. Reconstitute the antibody with 500 µl sterile PBS and the final concentration is 200 µg/ml.
Stability and StorageLyophilized samples are stable for 2 years from date of receipt when stored at -20°C. Reconstituted antibody can be aliquoted and stored frozen at < -20°C for at least six months without detectable loss of activity.
AntigenMouse recombinant protein TNFSF13B
SynonymsTNFSF13B (tumor necrosis factor superfamily member 13B), BLyS (B lymphocyte stimulator), TALL-1, zTNF4[2], CD257-Antigen (Cluster of differentiation 257)
DescriptionBAFF (B cell activating factor) is a cytokine of the TNF superfamily and essential for the activation, differentiation and survival of B cells, produced predominantly by neutrophils, monocytes, macrophages and dendritic cells in mammals. Synonyms include TNFSF13B (tumor necrosis factor superfamily member 13B), BLyS (B lymphocyte stimulator), TALL-1, zTNF4[2] or CD257 antigen (cluster of differentiation 257). It is a 285 amino acid long glycoprotein with glycosylation at site 124 and exists as a type 2 transmembrane protein. An isoform exists that lacks the membrane anchor and is therefore freely mobile in the cytosol. It is formed by post-translational modification and contains 152 amino acids.
Uniprot IDQ9WU72
Protein RefSeqNP_296371.1
mRNA RefSeqNM_033622.1

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