Rat Anti-Mouse IL-12

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Size500 µg
Price260 €
CategoryMonoclonal Antibody
Species ReactivityMouse
Formulationlyophilized from PBS
ReconstitutionCentrifuge vial prior to opening. Reconstitute in sterile water to a concentration of 0.1-1.0 mg/ml.
Stability and StorageThe lyophilized antibody is stable for at least 2 years from date of receipt at -20°C. The reconstituted antibody is stable for at least two weeks at 2-8°C. Frozen aliquots are stable for at least 6 months when stored at -20°C.
PreparationProduced in rats using recombinant murine IL-12 as the immunizing antigen. The IgG antibody was purified from ascites fluid followed by Protein G affinity chromatography.
AntigenRecombinant mouse IL-12
ApplicationELISA, WB
SynonymsIl12a; p35; Ll12a; Il-12a; IL-12p35
DescriptionInterleukin 12 (IL-12), also known as natural killer cell stimulatory factor (NKSF) or cytotoxic lymphocyte maturation factor (CLMF), is a heterodimeric pleiotropic cytokine made up of a 40 kDa (p40) subunit and a 35 kDa (p35) subunit. The IL-12 p40 subunit is shared by IL-23, another heterodimeric cytokine that has biological activities similar to, as well as distinct from, IL-12. IL-12 is produced by macrophages and B cells and has been shown to have multiple effects on T cells and natural killer (NK) cells. While mouse IL-12 is active on both human and mouse cells, human IL-12 is not active on mouse cells.
Uniprot IDP43431
Protein RefSeqNP_001152896.1
mRNA RefSeqNM_001159424.1

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