Rabbit Anti-Human PEDF

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Size100 µg
Price240 €
CategoryPolyclonal Antibody
Clone Nr.Rabbit IgG
Species ReactivityHuman
PreparationProduced from sera of rabbits immunized with highly pure Recombinant Human PEDF. Anti-Human PEDF-specific antibody was purified by affinity chromatography employing an immobilized Human PEDF matrix.
AntigenRecombinant Human PEDF
ApplicationELISA, WB
SynonymsSERPINF1; OI6; OI12; PEDF; EPC-1; PIG35
DescriptionPEDF is a noninhibitory serpin with neurotrophic, anti-angiogenic, and anti-tumorigenic properties. It is a 50 kDa glycoprotein produced and secreted in many tissues throughout the body. A major component of the anti-angiogenic action of PEDF is the induction of apoptosis in proliferating endothelial cells. In addition, PEDF is able to inhibit the activity of angiogenic factors such as VEGF and FGF-2. The neuroprotective effects of PEDF are achieved through suppression of neuronal apoptosis induced by peroxide, glutamate, or other neurotoxins. The recent identification of a lipase-linked cell membrane receptor for PEDF (PEDF-R) that binds to PEDF with high affinity (1) should facilitate further elucidation of the underlying mechanisms of this pluripotent serpin. To date, PEDF-R is the only signaling receptor known to be used by a serpin family member. The unique range of PEDF activities implicate it as a potential therapeutic agent for the treatment of vasculature related neurodegenerative diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and proliferative diabetic retinopathy (PDR). PEDF also has the potential to be useful in the treatment of various angiogenesis-related diseases including a number of cancers. Recombinant PEDF is a 44.5 kDa non-glycosylated protein containing 400 amino acid residues. (1) Notari, I. et al. J Biol Chem., Vol. 281, 38022-38037.
Uniprot IDP36955
Protein RefSeqNP_002606.3
mRNA RefSeqNM_002615

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