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New Products

  • Anti-Human PlGF2 monoclonal antibody

    Applications: Western Blot, IF, ELISA

    Details about clone #3B3/A9/A6/D1:

    [Cat# 101-M65A]

  • Anti-Human EMILIN1 monoclonal antibody

    Applications: Western Blot, IF, IHC, ELISA, IP

    Details about clone #1H2/G8:

    [Cat# 101-M09]

  • ReliaTech's rabbit anti-mouse LYVE-1 antibody

    reveals in immunohistochemical analysis of a healthy mouse heart a dense lymphatic network (blue) on the epicardial surface.

    The experiment was performed by the research group of Dr. Hab. Ebba Brakenhielm, Inserm U1096 (EnVI Laboratory), Medical Faculty of Rouen University, and  David Godefroy, Inserm U1245 (DC2N Laboratory), Mont Saint Aignan, France. 

    Published in Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2020 May 14.

    Product details

  • ReliaTech's Growth Factors & Cytokines:

    • high activity
    • controlled quality
    • low endotoxin levels
    • flexible sizes
    • carrier free or with stabilizer
    • made in Germany


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