Mouse Endomucin

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Size20 µg
Price350 €
SourceE. coli
Purity Confirmation> 95% by SDS-PAGE
Length [aa]191
Molecular Weight18.78 kDa
N Terminal SequenceEDGKDVQND
Biological ActivityData not available.
Species ReactivityMouse
Buffer10mM NaP, pH 7.0
ReconstitutionThe lyophilized mouse sEndomucin is soluble in water and most aqueous buffers; it should be reconstituted in water or PBS to a concentration of not lower than 100µg/ml.
Stability and StorageThe material is stable for greater than six months at -20° C to -70° C. After the first thawing it is recommended to aliquote the material, because repeated freeze-thaw cycles will decrease the activity.
SynonymsEndomucin-1/2, Mucin-14, Muc-14
DescriptionEndomucin (endothelial sialomucin; also Endomucin-1/2 and Mucin-14) is an 80 - 120 kDa glycoprotein member of the Endomucin family of proteins. It is expressed on endothelial cells and depending upon its glycosylation pattern, can serve as either a pro- or anti-adhesive molecule. Mouse Endomucin precursor is 261 amino acids in length. It is type I transmembrane protein that contains a 170 aa extracellular domain (ECD) (aa 21 - 190) and a 50 aa cytoplasmic region. Three splice variants exist in the ECD. One shows a deletion of aa 91 - 141, a second shows a one aa substitution for aa 91 - 129, and a third shows a one aa substitution for aa 129 - 142. Over aa 21 - 90, mouse Endomucin shares 60% and 30% aa identity with rat and human Endomucin, respectively. The sequence corresponds to Glu20 to Ser190. A 6x His-tag is fused to the C-terminal end of the recombinant mouse soluble Endomucin.
Uniprot IDQ9R0H2
Protein RefSeqNP_001156994.1
mRNA RefSeqNM_001163522.1


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