Human IFN-beta 1b

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Size10 µg
Price180 €
SourceE. coli
Purity Confirmation> 98% by SDS-PAGE & HPLC analyses
Length [aa]165
Molecular Weight18.5 kDa
Biological ActivityThe specific activity as determined in a viral resistance assay (human Wish cell line and VSV virus or the monkey VERO cell line with EMCV virus) was found to be 32 x 106 IU/mg.
Species ReactivityHuman
SynonymsIFNB1; IFB; IFF; IFNB;
DescriptionHuman Interferon-beta (hIFN-beta) is a lymphoid factor which possesses potent anti-viral activity. Human IFN-beta is an 18 kDa protein containing 165 amino acid residues.
Uniprot IDP01574
Protein RefSeqNP_002167.1
mRNA RefSeqNM_002176

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