Rat Anti-Mouse AgRP

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Size100 µg
Price350 €
CategoryMonoclonal Antibody
Clone Nr.(#23E24)
Species ReactivityMouse
ReconstitutionCentrifuge vial prior to opening. Reconstitute the antibody with 500 µl sterile PBS and the final concentration is 200 µg/ml.
Stability and StorageLyophilized samples are stable for 2 years from date of receipt when stored at -70°C. Reconstituted antibody can be aliquoted and stored frozen at < -20°C for at least six months without detectable loss of activity.
PreparationThis antibody was produced from a hybridoma (mouse myeloma fused with spleen cells from a rat) immunized with mouse recombinant protein of AgRP.
Antigenrecombinant protein of AgRP
SynonymsAgrp; Art; Agrt
DescriptionAgout-iRelated Protein (AgRP), the protein product of the AgoutiRelated Transcript (ART), is a neuroprotein that regulates energy metabolism and the development of obesity by antagonizing αmelanocyte stimulating hormone (αMSH) action on MC3 and MC4 receptors. AgRP is predominantly expressed in the hypothalamus and adrenal medulla. Mature mouse AgRP is a 111 amino acid (aa) polypeptide; its C-terminal portion contains ten conserved cysteines that form five disulfide bonds. Within the C-terminal region, mouse AgRP shares 80% and 90% aa sequence identity with human and rat AgRP, respectively. It also shares 44% aa sequence identity with Agouti. As with Agouti, the Cterminal cysteine rich region is sufficient for biological activity. AgRP, however, is 100 times more potent than Agouti in antagonizing MC3 and MC4 receptors. AgRP also induces the βarrestin dependent endocytosis of MC3 and MC4. Hypothalamic expression of AgRP is upregulated in obesity and diabetes, and chronic AgRP administration increases food intake and weight gain in rats. Geneticall-ylinked polymorphisms of AgRP in humans are associated with susceptibility to anorexia nervosa. In addition, AgRP inhibits the ACTH-induced synthesis of steroid hormones via a mechanism that does not involve melanocortin receptors.
Uniprot IDP56473
Protein RefSeqNP_031453.1
mRNA RefSeqNM_007427.2

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