Mouse Anti-Human CTLA-3 (Granzyme A)

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Size100 µg
Price350 €
CategoryMonoclonal Antibody
Clone Nr.(#19Z12)
Species ReactivityHuman
ReconstitutionReconstitute the antibody with 500 µl sterile PBS and the final concentration is 200 µg/ml.
Stability and StorageLyophilized samples are stable for 2 years from date of receipt when stored at -70°C. Reconstituted antibody can be aliquoted and stored frozen at < -20 °C for at least for six months without detectable loss of activity.
AntigenRecombinant human CTLA-3 (Granzyme A)
ApplicationCapture Ab
SynonymsCTL tryptase, Cytotoxic T-lymphocyte proteinase 1, Fragmentin-1, Granzyme-1, Hanukkah factor (H factor)
DescriptionGranzyme A (CTLA3, HuTPS, T-cell associated protease 1, cytotoxic T lymphocyte serine protease, TSP-1, T-cell derived serine proteinase) is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the GZMA gene, and is one of the five granzymes encoded in the human genome. This enzyme is present in cytotoxic T lymphocyte granules.
Uniprot IDP12544
Protein RefSeqNP_006135.1
mRNA RefSeqNM_006144.3

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