IXpress & Polyclonal Antibodies: Our Service Details

Good research and diagnostic antibodies are made against native protein antigens! So don’t compromise your biomedical important research with antibodies made against short peptide sequences.

Our IXpress & antibody package includes

  • cDNA subcloning

  • Protein expression in E. coli and purification

  • Immunization and boost of two rabbits for 35 days

  • ELISA titration

  • Purification of the serum from each rabbit

What will you get?

  • 0.5 mg of purified recombinant protein

  • 1 ml pre-immune serum per rabbit

  • 2-10 mg of your purified polyclonal antibody per rabbit (ELISA titer 1:25000)


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Too good to be true - but will I be able to afford this?

Definitely. For 2450 Euro you will benefit from our expertise in protein AND antibody production.

And what, if I'd prefer my antigen derived from insect cells?

No problem! - Feel free to contact us for further information!