...- Trade is our Business

We deal with experts in their respective research fields day by day. Scientists and researchers who want to push their projects one step further every day need a reliable and competent partner for their reagent supply. In line with this simple fact we follow the rules of good trade and base our work for you on an evenly simple but effective set of standards:

We are competent

We competently and promptly advise our customers by using our in-house expertise. If needed we further support our knowledge by a network of experts on varying scientific fields. Our know-how is based on a long-term personal experience and the close collaboration with partners from science. These arrangements allow us to offer a broad, sometimes unique, but always finely selected range of products, e.g. in the fields of angiogenesis/lymph angiogenesis.






We are cooperative

We stand for a trustful, open and honest cooperation. Our customers can expect from us speed, flexibility and reliability to support their work. We listen to them carefully and find individual solutions for individual problems.


We are proactive

We are interested in smooth processes and useful product offerings. To achieve this goal we keep contact to our customers, we actively care to keep in line with actual demands in trade and science. By this we seek today what is needed tomorrow.


We are fair

Our customer relationship is founded on trust, respect and honesty. An open dialogue, engaged at the same level, is important for us.


We are convinced of our quality policy and standards - so much, that we do not avoid official revision.

As a result we have gained the state of an officially certified company in February 2013.

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