Optimization of production conditions

Material we need from you:

10 ml (for study in flasks) or 100 ml (for study in 500 ml spinners) of high titer stock of a recombinant virus. The sample is either provided by you or prepared by us using Service C.

Our service comprises:

  • Infection with the recombinant virus and control virus of 10 flasks or 2 spinners containing insect cells.
  • Harvesting of of recombinant and control virus samples (cells and supernatant) at 24 h, 48 h, 72 h, 96 h and 120 h post-infection.





Note: This step is optional. Usually, protein yields are best between 72- 96 h post-infection.

Results provided to you:

  • Harvested samples collected from recombinant virus, to determine the relative amounts of the recombinant proteins at different times post - infection.
  • Samples collected from control virus.
  • A detailed report sheet.

Expected time range:

2 –4 weeks