Production of a recombinant baculovirus

Material we need from you:

10-30 µg purified and characterized transfer vector cDNA bearing the gene of interest. The vector is either provided by you or prepared by us using our Service A.

Our service comprises:

  • Ethanol precipitation of transfer vector DNA for sterilisation and quality control by agarose gel electrophoresis.
  • Cotransfection of insect cells with transfer vector DNA and linear baculogold virus DNA.
  • Plaque purification of six recombinant viruses from cotransfection supernatant.
  • Cell infection of 3x106 insect cells with each recombinant virus and preparation of virus stocks.
  • Cell infection of 3x106 insect cells with each virus stock for preparation of cell supernatant and cell pellet.


acheter priligy France


Results provided to you:

  • 2 ml of each recombinant virus stock.
  • 2 ml of each supernatant or - as an alternative - 3x106 of each infected cell pellet for your own screening purposes.
  • A detailed report sheet.

Note: If required, we determine the protein expression level by Western blotting for you*.

(* option depends on the availablity of appropriate antibodies)

Expected time range:

7-10 weeks.