Service C: Optimization of production conditions

The efficient production of protein is dependent on suitable production conditions. We help you to improve your production systems by establishing optimal production conditions for your constructs.


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Material we need from you:

Recombinant E. coli strain established according to conditions following the requirements in Service B (for more detailed information, please inquire).

Our service comprises:

  • Generation of pre-cultures
  • Induction of protein production by different incubation periods, different incubation temperatures and either different concentrations of IPTG or temperature shift (depending on the system).
  • Preparation of inclusion bodies (IB) and cytosolic fraction (CF).
  • SDS- PAGE and subsequent Coomassie stain of  IBs and CFs  from induced and non-induced samples, respectively.

Results provided to you:

  • A detailed report sheet.

Expected time range:

1-3 weeks.