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    Product Species Host/System Cat. Number Size Price [€] PDF Order
    VEGF-C ELISA (total)HumanAccording to kit manualBMS297/296 well475
    VEGFR-2/KDR ELISA (total)HumanAccording to kit manualBMS201996 well475
    VEGF-A ELISA (total)HumanAccording to kit manualBMS277/296 well475
    VEGF-A ELISA (total)MouseAccording to kit manualBMS619/296 well475
    TIE-2 ELISAHumanAccording to kit manualBMS204296 well475
    VEGFR-1 ELISA (soluble)HumanAccording to kit manualBMS26896 well475
    VEGF-C ELISA (total)RatAccording to kit manualBMS626/296 well475
    VEGFR-3/FLT-4 ELISA (total)HumanAccording to kit manualBMS206496 well475