Protein Production in E. coli

ReliaTech offers a modular system of customer services for gene expression and protein production in E. coli. ReliaTech's “E. coli Expression Service” is divided into a series of steps which can be performed either individually or in combination - so you can decide which of the steps you actually need.


These services are designed to adequately cover all specific demands along the line from gene to protein, e.g. gene cloning into an E. coli expression vector, screening for the best vector and/or E. coli strain, production of biomass, as well as protein purification.

Along with the regular project updates, you will receive progress reports at the end of each service step. We will guide you from step to step dependent on your authorization for us to proceed.

Please, find the following service options on your way to your own protein:

  1. Service A: Cloning
  2. Service B: Generation of a recombinant E. coli strain
  3. Service C: Optimization of the conditions for production
  4. Service D: Generation of biomass (2L scale)
  5. Service E: Establishing of the purification protocol