Baculovirus Expression Service (BVS)

In analogy to our protein expression services in E. coli we offer also a modular system of services around gene and protein expression in insect cells (especially signal proteins). ReliaTech's “Baculovirus expression service (BVS)” is divided into a series of steps which can be performed either individually or in combination so you can choose the steps you actually need.


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These services are designed to adequately cover all specific demands along the line from gene expression to protein purification - starting from gene cloning into the Baculovirus transfer vector over recombinant baculovirus construction, high titer recombinant baculovirus production, recombinant protein bulk production and, finally, protein purification. All steps are conducted in serum-free medium to ensure safety and to yield a high purity of the recombinant protein. 

Along with the regular project updates, you will receive progress reports at the end of each service step. We will guide you from step to step dependent on your authorization for us to proceed.

Please, find the following service options on your way to your particular protein:

  1. Service A: Cloning
  2. Service B: Recombinant baculovirus generation
  3. Service C: High titer stock production
  4. Service D: Optimization of production conditions
  5. Service E: Large-scale protein production
  6. Service F: Protein purification